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Custom Dog Knee Brace Measurements

Taking accurate measurements is very important for anyone purchasing a MuttKnee Brace. We make each custom dog knee brace by hand based on the measurements you provide, so the accuracy of these measurements will determine how well the brace fits. Please note that measurements must be in inches. We guarantee a properly fitting brace and want your dog to have a comfortable brace as soon as possible. Watch our YouTube video to learn how to measure your dog for the MuttKnee Brace.

Send Us a Photo

A picture of the shape of your particular dog's leg is very helpful in making the MuttKnee Brace, so that it fits properly when you receive it. Please email a picture of your dog, taken from the side, to:

Measuring Instructions

We recommend that measurements be made with a fabric tape measure while your dog is standing. Measurements A, B, and C are for your dog's harness size. If your dog already has a harness with an attachment ring at the neck or back, those measurements are not necessary. If your dog needs a double brace, please fill out measurements for both legs-they will probably be different.

  1. Measure from neck to hip on top of your dog's back.
  2. Measure around your dog's chest at the largest part.
  3. Measure around your dog's neck.
  4. Measure around the top of thigh, just below where your dog's leg attaches to the body. This is the measurement for the top of the brace and is an important measurement.
  5. Measure across the front of your dog's knee when it is slightly bent. This is where the brace will hold the knee in place horizontally and is a horizontal measurement across the knee bone (patella). It should be 1-3" for most medium or large dogs.
  6. Measure around your dog's knee when it is slightly bent. This can be a snug measurement.
  7. Measure around the dog's ankle, slightly above, so the brace doesn't inhibit the ankle movement.
  8. Measure from the top of the slightly bent knee to the thigh measurement line in the front of the leg.
  9. Measure from the top of the slightly bent knee to the top of the ankle.
  10. Measure from hip bone to hip bone across the dog's back.

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions or concerns about the measurement process, please give us a call or contact us online. We are here to assist you any way that we can.

**For Measurements Please Fill Out Form Below**

Custom Dog Knee Brace Measurements