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How did the MuttKnee Brace start?

The MuttKnee Brace began back in 2002 out of necessity to help our then 8-year-old dog, Muttley. She injured her knee while running around on the snow and ice. At the time of her injury, the cost of a vet's visit and the suggested knee surgery was completely beyond our budget. She could barely walk and couldn't run, and if she did, her injured leg just dragged and trembled as she moved. She tried to keep up with the pack, but it was sad watching her shaky attempts. We felt we had to help her however we could, so we got creative and began designing a brace similar to supportive braces for human knees.

Shortly after getting her brace, Muttley was running with the pack again. It took a couple of months of her wearing the brace when she went outside, but she quickly began walking with the injured leg supporting her weight again. She ran as if she had never been injured until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the ripe age of 16.


There have been many changes, revisions, and improvements made to the MuttKnee Brace since Muttley's first brace. It took the help of family, friends, neighbors, and local vets referring us to owners of injured dogs for us to develop the MuttKnee Brace that is now available. We have now been able to help almost 10,000 dogs in 62 countries improve the quality of their lives. We have been able to help all sizes from 3.5 lbs. to 230 lbs. and every size in between.

What if my measurements are wrong?

After helping so many dogs, we are usually able to catch an error before we sew the brace and ask that you remeasure. We guarantee a proper fit, so if you receive your brace and there is a problem, just send us pictures of how you have it on your dog. We can tell by the pictures if there are adjustments you can make or if we need to make a new brace. We then ask for three new measurements and get a new brace to you as quickly as we can.

Can the MuttKnee Brace be worn all the time?

No. It should be used only during periods of activity. You can keep it on during the day, but we recommend taking it off at night.

Is the MuttKnee Brace washable?

Yes. It can be washed and can also be used during water therapy. We suggest air drying your brace after washing.

How long will my dog need to wear the MuttKnee Brace?

Most dogs wear the brace for 3-4 months while the scar tissue strengthens the knee. We recommend that your dog wear the MuttKnee Brace during extreme activities for the first year to avoid reinjuring the knee.

How will I know when it is time to stop using the MuttKnee Brace?

You will be able to tell by how your dog is walking after a few months.

What if my dog hurts the other knee?

We can make a MuttKnee Brace that can be retrofitted to the original for the other knee for a cost of $70. If you order a double MuttKnee Brace and indicate which is the most (or only) injured knee, we will include a cuff for the good (or better) leg. You then have the option of using it as a double or a single in the future.