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4 Reasons To Choose a Customized Dog Knee Brace

Dog knee injuries can greatly impact their quality of life, so it’s important to choose a dog knee brace that supports their health and helps them thrive!


When it comes to both an ACL injury or luxating patella these knee injuries are not only painful but they will likely slow your dog in their day-to-day activities, which is why choosing an ideal dog knee brace is vital. So, is an off-the-shelf dog knee brace even a consideration?


At MuttKnee, we craft and customize dog knee braces from high-quality neoprene so your dog can play and keep up with the rest of the pack while healing. Join us in today’s post as we explore the reasons why a custom dog knee brace is the best option!

The Trouble With An Off-The-Shelf Dog Knee Brace


When it comes to serious dog knee injuries that often require a good amount of healing time, off-the-shelf dog knee braces may not be the way to optimize healing. An off-the-shelf dog knee brace can be concerning in the following ways:

  • They’re made in bulk
  • They’re made by size and don’t consider the shape or breed of the dog
  • They may not appropriately address the exact concerns of the knee injury
  • They’re made from materials that may not support the dog or provide comfort


An off-the-shelf dog knee brace may work for some cases, but when it comes to ACL and luxating patella injuries, a custom dog knee brace is best! As always, we make an amazing product backed by many veterinarians, but check in with your vet to discuss the best course of action for your dog’s knee injuries!


So, why choose a custom dog knee brace from MuttKnee? Let’s dive right into it below!


4 Reasons To Choose A Customized Knee Brace


MuttKnee is custom-made.


Unlike off-the-shelf dog knee braces, the MuttKnee is made exactly to your dog’s measurements. It takes in precise measurements from the neck to the hips (harness), around the chest (harness), and around the neck (harness). The next measurement is the top of the thigh, across the knee, and around the knee. This takes into account a lot more than an off-the-shelf knee brace for a better fit, thus a better chance at healing. The MuttKnee is about as customized as a dog knee brace can get! 


The MuttKnee takes your dog into consideration.


As we mentioned above, the MuttKnee is completely customized. This is different from an off-the-shelf dog knee brace because these don’t take into consideration the breed, shape, and contour of your dog like the MuttKnee does. When you measure your dog and receive a custom dog knee brace, it fits well to their form because of the high-quality neoprene that we use. You can always expect a dog knee brace that takes your dog into consideration, because after all, the brace is made for your dog! 


The MuttKnee was crafted with specific knee injuries in mind.


Off-the-shelf dog knee braces are a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t necessarily cater to one injury over another. But, the MuttKnee does! The MuttKnee was created to help heal both ACL and luxating patella injuries in dogs. Not only is our dog knee brace an alternative to surgery, but it keeps your dog mobile and able to continue living their lives!


The MuttKnee is made from high-quality materials.


Many off-the-shelf dog knee braces are made in bulk so the quality of the material is cheap and non-supportive to your dog. The MuttKnee is a custom-fitted harness that attaches to your dog in a variety of points, with adjustable straps at every point of contact. The brace itself is made from a high-quality neoprene with adjustable neoprene at the top and bottom of the dog knee brace. Your dog gets a customized fit every time they wear it and are supported by materials that can keep up with them. 


While an off-the-shelf dog knee brace may be a cheaper option or one that you think will support your dog in their recovery, a custom made knee brace is often a better choice because it’s custom made from high-quality materials that take in your dog’s size, shape, and breed for a fit that is supportive and promotes healing. 


For more information on our custom dog knee brace, connect with us today!


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