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Common Questions About Our Custom Dog Knee Brace

Because your dog is still active and can live a full life with their dog knee brace!


When it comes to our dog knee brace, dog owners and vets are choosing it as an alternative to surgery and because of its versatility that improves the quality of life for your pooch. But, before you dive in and get a custom dog brace for an ACL or luxating patella injury, you may have a lot of questions and “what about this…?” type of inquiries. Let’s get into those questions today!


At Muttknee, we’ve designed the leading dog knee brace on the market to improve your dog’s quality of life while promoting healing and keeping them active. Join us today in a question and answer post regarding our dog brace. 

What You’ve Been Wondering About Our Dog Knee Brace


When it comes to your dog’s health, dog owners get serious! There is no stone left unturned as every option is explored, and we love seeing this! So, before you invest in our dog knee brace you want to know everything about it, and we’re here to fill in some of the gaps and questions that may still be lingering.


Q: Can my dog wear the brace in the water?


A: Your dog only needs to wear the dog brace when they’re active, so if they’re splashing around in the water with the pack and cruising rivers or enjoying a dip in the lake, then wearing the dog knee brace is the perfect time! And yes, your dog can wear the brace in the water! 


Because we craft our dog knee brace from high-quality and lasting neoprene fabric, it can be worn in the water. Neoprene is a waterproof fabric that is most commonly used in wetsuits and fishing waders. 


Because there are gas bubbles within the neoprene fabric it’s a great insulator and acts as a barrier between your pup and the water. 


Q: Will the neoprene dog knee brace rub and cause sores?


A: Because each dog knee brace it custom-made, it moves and stretches with your dog so there is no reason it should move around and rub creating sores. Paired with the waterproof neoprene, water is unable to make contact keeping the dog’s knee brace in place so they can continue to heal while being active. 


Q: What should I do if the dog knee brace does get wet?


A: our dog knee braces are made from durable neoprene so they are waterproof even as your dog tromps around in the water. The entire brace is a part of the closed-cell foam which will not absorb water or harbor bacteria. 


If the dog knee brace does get dirty, it’s very simple to clean. When your dog is resting and not in the brace, wipe it clean with a mild soap and warm water. 


To keep the dog knee brace in tip-top shape after your dog has enjoyed running in the water do the following:


  • Remove the brace after the dog is safe and out of the water and let the brace air out.
  • Wipe down your and make sure they’re as dry as possible. 
  • Once your dog is dry, you can place the brace back on for any additional activity.


If you do live around the ocean, it’s important to keep in mind that salt is very caustic and can cause burning if left on your dog’s skin or even the brace. Thoroughly wash your dog and the dog knee brace with fresh water to avoid any injury. 


We’ve answered a couple of common questions we get, but there are many more to cover! Stay tuned for part two where you’ll learn more about the dog knee brace and why it’s so great for your furry best friend!


Order your dog knee brace today and give your dog the quality of life they deserve!






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