When Was MuttKnee Brace Created?

MuttKnee Brace was developed in 2002 by Daryllanne Franks and her amazing husband Jerry Thomas. This assisted their then eight-year-old dog, Muttley. She suffered an injury to her knee after slipping on snow and ice. The cost of a vet's visit and the suggested knee surgery was beyond their budget. She couldn't run and barely walked, as her injured leg would drag and tremble as she moved. They couldn't bear watching her shaky attempts at keeping up with the pack any longer. They knew they had to help, so they decided to design a brace similar to braces for human knees.

It took a couple of months of wearing the brace, but Muttley started running with the pack again. The brace supported her injured leg, allowing her to begin walking quickly. Eventually, she was able to run as if she had never been injured. She continued to run until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 16.

In 2022 Tamara Vieau, who worked with Daryllanne for 12 years, took over the company and is continuing to help dogs around the world in their recovery from knee injuries.

Since Muttley's first brace, many changes, revisions, and improvements have been made to the MuttKnee Brace. It took the help of family, friends, neighbors, and local vets to develop the MuttKnee Brace that is now available. We have helped over 12,000 dogs of all sizes improve the quality of their lives.