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At MuttKnee Brace, we offer an affordable alternative to surgery for your pup's knee injury. Our custom knee braces are made with high-quality materials and are designed to provide maximum support and comfort. With our customizable options, your pup can continue living their life to the fullest and free of pain. Don't wait — explore our options today and get your dog back to feeling their best!

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Dog Wearing MuttKnee Brace

Single MuttKnee Brace

The MuttKnee Brace is a must-have for pet owners, made with high-quality materials, providing relief for your pup to live their life to the fullest potential. With its affordable price of $299, the MuttKnee Brace is an excellent choice for pet owners looking to get the most bang for their buck.


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Double MuttKnee Brace

The Double MuttKnee Brace provides your pup with the highest quality of care. Crafted from the finest materials, this custom-made brace is designed to give your dog relief from pain, continued support, and improved mobility. At only $369, this brace is a great way to ensure your pup's health without breaking the bank.


Dog Wearing MuttKnee Brace

Retrofit MuttKnee Brace

MuttKnee Brace offers an affordable alternative to surgery with our custom-made dog brace, made from the same high-quality materials you can expect from our brand. The Retrofit MuttKnee Brace is just $70 and is intended for dogs who have previously ordered a single MuttKnee Brace. It's the perfect solution to help your pup move better and heal faster.


Tripod MuttKnee Brace

Tripod MuttKnee Brace

The Tripod MuttKnee Brace is the perfect solution for three-legged dogs/ amputated dogs who are healing and recovering. Custom-made from durable materials, this brace is designed to help dogs regain their stability and live their best life. At just $320, the Tripod MuttKnee Brace is the perfect choice for any pet parent looking to give their pup the support they need.


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Why Choose Our Braces

When you choose to shop braces for your dog at MuttKnee Brace, you can expect:

  • An affordable alternative to surgery

  • Custom-made dog braces

  • High-quality materials

  • Range of customizable options

  • Competitive pricing

What our customers are saying

Thank you!

“The Muttknee double brace have helped to strengthen my dog's legs with torn ACLs so that she can walk on the beach and in the forest again while wearing them. Thank you!”

- Susan F.

Great service

“Great service, and our dog Hunter is walking like nothing ever happened to his knee. He still won't go up stairs yet, but I think that is a fear he has and I know it takes a long time to totally heal. He wears his brace on all walks even if it is just around the block. Thanks MuttKnee!!”

- Lynn V.

Highly recommend.

“My yorkie needed a brace- the customer service is outstanding. Every step they helped me and was able to work out his measurements. The brace fit him perfectly and now he is walking and running no problem. Highly recommend.”

- Francine H.