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"Lievert is with me and wearing his brace. We take it off him occasionally to give him some time without it – although he does not seem to mind it at all. The effects have been quite noticeable as he does not now hardly show any signs of pain or sensitivity to his leg. For the first time last weekend he actually raised his uninjured leg to pee instead of his other one. That was the first time I noticed him doing that as until then, he had ALWAYS raised the injured one while standing on his “good” one!I think he is doing much better and will have to determine when we think it is time to take it off him altogether. Thank you for the time you have taken with Lievert and for the services you have provided him/us. I will stay in touch." - David in GA

"My nine year old lab Zaeda, has had knee problems since she was a puppy; she even had TPLO knee surgery on her right knee when she was 3 years old. Between the right knee being fixed and limiting her activity levels I was able to keep her left knee “functional” until she took off unexpectedly one day chasing a ball. She completely tore up her left knee and could barely walk or weight bear on it at all. Once we put the Mutt Knee Brace on her, she was able to bear her full weight on the knee and even run around a little which she had not done in a few years! I am amazed by the improvement in her mobility with the Mutt Knee Brace! It has truly been an alternative to another very expensive knee surgery and has given my girl her quality of life back. Thank you Mutt Knee Brace!!!" -Ruth in Colo.

"Mariah is now using all four feet when she walks. While she does put weight on the leg, she still favors it quite a bit. This is an improvement from before where she would towards the end of the day be a three-legged dog."

"Got the brace today and put it on Borris immediately. Very nice work and it is a quality product. The brace fits extremely well and is very functional for him. I appreciate your time and effort in getting this brace to us so promptly. Borris is thankful too."

"Buddy is a Great Pyrenees he is 9 years old. He is pretty much just a big lovable couch potato. A while back, he injured his leg and tore his ACL the vet told me the surgery to take care of this would cost up to $3000 dollars which I would not hesitate to spend if thought it warranted this. However, not being a very active dog to begin with and taking his age into account I did not want to put him through this very invasive surgery. I began to search for alternatives I discovered several companies that made leg braces for dogs these were priced around $700 and required you to get someone to make a cast of the dog's leg. Also, after looking at other dogs that were fitted with these devices on YouTube I just didn't like the way they appeared to perform. Then I stumbled across the MuttKKnee brace page. After asking many questions, which were all answered nicely by Daryllanne, I decided to give it a try I figured for $169 if it didn't work I would try something else. Well was I ever surprised. We put the brace on Buddy at first he kind of stumbled around not sure what to think of it, but after about 20 minutes he was running around the yard chasing after the other dogs. All of the wheezing in pain and collapsing of his leg went away. I was so amazed I called the wife out and said look at him is this the same dog. He stayed out for 4 hours walking around, this is something he never does. Sure, his leg still gives out once in a while, but I would say this is over a 90% improvement. I can only hope he continues on this way using the brace only time will tell. All I can say is thanks MuttKnee Brace." - Vincent and Buddy

"We are happy with the brace and appreciate your promptness and courtesy. We wanted to try the brace before considering surgery and it seems to be working. We are recommending and giving your MuttKnee Brace information to our vet along with Sparky's photos."

"We received the brace today. I am happy to report that it fits perfectly. Thank you very much for your great service. It was greatly appreciated." - Isabelle & Sasha - Alberta, CANADA

"Tippy is has been doing great with the brace. She has gone from walking with her leg lifted about 70% before the brace to walking just about normally with the brace on. It took a few days to get the straps all just right for her to be comfortable, but since we've gotten it just right it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Thank you so much for not only making this brace at a reasonable price, but for your quick delivery of the product. It's been about a month that she's been wearing the brace and we couldn't be happier with the results we're seeing. I'll give you an updated in about another month or so to let you know how she's doing. I'm hoping she will be able to walk normally without the brace around that time." - Karen and Tippy

"We received the knee braces and they seem to be working out well! Thank you so much. We are still doing some minor adjustments to make sure they stay up on his knees. I think it's the way his knees are turned. But these are doing well. Oreo is walking better, still not used to these yet. Right now, we have noticed he is not dragging his back paws as much. He is much happier too. Thank you so much! We will send pictures of him enjoying his walks on the beach!"

Moments after testing Bogarts patience as we adjusted the straps :), Bogart pranced off into the yard, placing full weight on his injured leg and eagerly found his prized football. Placing weight and playing with his football were things he hadn't done in almost 12 weeks!!! I had tears in my eyes as I thought about the nights I had stayed awake worrying about how his life was going to play out had he been forced to limp around without your brace or if we would have been forced into surgery, Your product has given him a new lease on his leg!!!! We can't thank you enough for all you have done, keep up the great work, we will send pics soon.

"Our dog Kitt has been using her Muttknee brace for several weeks and has been doing really well with it. I am so PLEASED!! She adjusted to wearing it quite easily and putting it on is now just part of the routine before going out for a walk. We are gradually building up the distance she can go and I have noticed that even when she does not have the brace on, her leg seems stronger and there is more stability in her knee. I am so thankful I found your website. The brace really fits great and I am so happy to have my walking companion back. My thanks to you for a great product." - Marsha and my wonderful Kitt

"We received Tabs MuttKnee brace last Friday and put her in it right away. It took a couple of days to make sure it was adjusted right . The difference it has made for her has been amazing. We thought we would have a problem with her trying to take it off and fight wearing it, but to our surprise it hasn't bothered her at all. It has made such a big improvement in the way she is walking and range of movement in her injured leg it is just so awesome. We both can't thank you enough. We are confident it will improve more as time goes on and the injury might heal enough to allow us to keep the brace off longer periods of time. Again, thank you from all of us. Hopefully we we be able to send a picture of Tabitha wearing her brace soon."

"Ginger apparently tore the ligaments in both her back knees, and her hind legs were useless. The cost of the surgery made that option out of reach for us. However, at age 10, she is healthy in every other way. The double knee braces we got from you gave Ginger the ability to walk again, and even go up and down stairs. They did everything we hoped for... then, to our amazement, after a few weeks, she started walking well, even when they were off. It has been over a month now that she is getting around without them! Her hind legs are not what they used to be, but she even trots in the back yard. I am highly recommending these braces as an option to surgery. Thank you!!!"

"Hi Daryllanne, I received my muttknee brace for kita about 2 weeks ago and have been using it every day. kita wears it for most of the day and I take it off at night, It is exactly what he needed, I can see better balance and his leg is more centered under his body. I believe this brace is just what he needed to aid in recovery. Thank you very much for your efforts and I will recommend this brace to any dog owner who needs a light duty knee brace to help restore some mobility."

"Hi Darylanne,

I have been meaning to get back to you. I want to thank you for your time on the phone last Friday afternoon. I did the suggestions you gave me for the brace and it does fit Roscoe after all. It & you have been a godsend. My dogs are my babies and a big part of my life and I would do anything for them. The brace seems to work great! After putting it on Roscoe properly, he walked right down through the yard (we have 2 acres, most in the back of my house) and before that he would only walk to the back right behind the house and lay down. He really does seem to be coming along greatly. I am so happy.

Thank you again for your great service and for getting the brace to us so quickly."

"We received the brace on Tues. It does indeed help. Her right leg now has some support. Before the brace, she would drag the right foot, causing bleeding on the top of her foot and she could not get her leg under her. I believe the elastic in the back section of the brace pulls her leg up and forward. I also put a boot with a rubber sole on her right foot to get traction. And I have another harness that goes around her stomach with handles that are on the top of her back -- we use this harness to help her get standing up or down stairs. She cannot run, but she now is mobile -- thanks for the brace."

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