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Support Your Dog’s Joint Health With These Natural Remedies (Part Two)

Dog’s love to run and bound freely with the pack, but over time, their joint health can suffer.


Dogs face many of the age-related health concerns as humans do, including joint deterioration which can then lead to arthritis. One in four dogs are diagnosed with arthritis, and it isn’t always related to aging.


In fact, 22% of arthritis cases occur in dogs that haven’t even reached one year in age.


Joint issues can be painful and uncomfortable and can take a large toll in the quality of life for your dog, but it’s never too late to tackle your dog’s joint health, naturally!


At MuttKnee, we’ve helped countless dogs with the support of our dog knee brace — from ACL injuries to a luxating patella — we provide the support your dog needs. Take a moment today and explore additional joint health remedies that promote healthy joints!

Joint Health in Dogs


Before we explore natural remedies for your dog’s joints, let’s delve into what an arthritis diagnosis may mean.


If your dog is showing signs of arthritis or joint pain such as lameness, slow to move, increased sleep, muscle atrophy, or urinating indoors, the first and far most important thing to do is consult with your vet.


From here, you can tackle things such as their weight, to help reduce the impact of joint pain.  


Nutrition is also a huge component, and it may be of interest to look into better dog food for your dog. There are a myriad of new options on the market that provide truly healthy and nourishing dog food, or you could look into making your own.


Great anti-inflammatory foods are centered around whole foods that comprise of healthy protein, fats, nuts and seeds, and carbs such as sweet potatoes or rice.


Keeping Your Dog Safe in This Transition


Once your dog begins to experience joint pain or is diagnosed with arthritis, it’s important to keep them safe and modify your home a bit.


If you have hardwood floors, place rugs in high-traffic areas to prevent any slipping or placing unwanted stress on their bodies.


Keep them comfortable by creating a soft and comfortable bed they can retreat to.

Ensure their nails are trimmed. Long nails can affect a dog’s gait, so it’s important to keep them short — it also supports their stability and ability to move around safely on slippery surfaces.


If your furry friend is really struggling to walk on their own, invest in a dog knee brace to keep them moving while supporting healing.


Things to Avoid With Joint Pain


While there are many things you can do, there are things you should avoid to prevent from injuring or harming your dog even more.


Don’t force your dog into something such as exercise that they are uncomfortable with.


Don’t try and stretch your dog to loosen limbs.


Don’t completely stop exercise. It’s important your dog moves and keeps their range of motion, however limited it may be.


More Natural Remedies For Joint Health


The root cause of joint pain and arthritis is inflammation, so addressing the inflammation is one of the best things you can do for your dog.


Fish Oil


Fish oil is one of the gold standards for fighting inflammation in dogs. Not only does it support their joints, but it also nourishes their coat and skin.


Fish oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, which are the pillars of this nutrient.


Dogs love fish oil and you can drizzle the recommended amount over their dog food or find it in capsule form.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C is great for combating inflammation. Look for it in the whole-food form, calcium ascorbate, or sodium ascorbate forms to prevent any GI disruptions in your dog. Give them the recommended dosage and increase it to their bowel tolerance.




Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is most effective before or after your dog eats.


When it comes to your dog’s joint health, there are many options and practical things you can do at home to manage it naturally! Beyond the tried and true remedies of turmeric and collagen, there is fish oil, vitamin C, and bromelain that can support your dog.

For more information about our dog knee braces, connect with us today!


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