Dog Knee Brace: An Affordable Alternative to Surgery

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Single MuttKnee Brace — $279
Double MuttKnee Brace — $349
*Prices include domestic shipping and handling via USPS Priority Mail.

Improve your dog's quality of life with the MuttKnee custom dog knee brace!

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Adjustable Brace for Canine Knee Injury

Knee injuries are often painful for dogs. Standing and walking can be very uncomfortable and may even make a canine knee injury worse. The MuttKnee Brace supports the injured knee in a way to reduce pain while providing stability. It's a great way to help your dog recover from a torn ACL or luxating patella without the need for surgery.

Custom-Made Dog Brace from High-Quality Neoprene

Each MuttKnee Brace is made by hand from high-quality neoprene, which stretches as your dog moves. The thickness of the material is customized for your dog's size and weight to hold the knee in place while allowing as much freedom of movement as possible. We use seven different measurements to customize each MuttKnee Brace, and you can adjust the brace in five spots to fine-tune it for your dog.

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We are the only knee brace for dogs that work for dogs under 25 lbs.

Our braces can be customized for dogs ranging from 3.5 lbs. up to 230 lbs.

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Easy to Put On

Putting the MuttKnee Brace on your dog is easy. Just slide your dogs' legs into the brace, adjust the Velcro at the top and bottom, latch the buckle to connect the two sides, and then latch the brace into the harness. It's quick and easy for both the dog and the owner.

The brace itself is used in conjunction with a harness, which we provide free of charge with each purchase. The harness comes with a convenient attachment ring that sits on top of the dog's back or neck.

Double Braces

Many dogs who injure one knee end up injuring the other one as a result of unequal distribution of weight. We make a double knee brace for dogs who have two weak or injured knees and legs.

Guaranteed to Last

Every MuttKnee Brace is sewn by hand by our experienced production team, and our products are built to last. We guarantee each brace, even if it is chewed.

An Affordable Alternative to Surgery

Depending on the health and age of your dog, surgery may not be an option. Even when it is possible, surgery is often very expensive for many dog owners. The MuttKnee Brace is an effective, affordable alternative that is recommended by veterinarians. The MuttKnee brace can help your dog recover from ACL injuries, leg injuries, and other knee impairments.

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