Single and Double MuttKnee Brace

The Muttknee Brace

Healing from a canine knee injury can be a long, painful and extensive challenge. We know the importance of getting your canine the help they need as soon as possible. Urban offers an alternative to surgery for cruciate injuries and also post and pre op braces for dogs who need that extra support before and after surgery.

Made from 3mm neoprene the MuttKnee Brace offers support to injured knees from cruciate ligament tears and luxating patellas. All braces are custom made to the measurements of your furry friend for the best fit possible. 

Custom-Made Dog Brace from High-Quality Materials

Each MuttKnee Brace is assembled by hand using high-quality neoprene, a material that will stretch as your dog moves. The thickness of the neoprene is customized for your dog's measurements and will hold the knee in place. This support allows as much freedom of movement as possible. We use different sizes of neoprene to customize each MuttKnee Brace, and there are five adjustable spots for fine-tuning. 

We offer video calls pre and post ordering to help with the measuring process and also adjustments that may need to be made.

Easy to Put On and Guaranteed to Last

Putting the MuttKnee Brace on your dog is simple. 

The brace is used with a harness, which we provide free with each purchase. The harness has a convenient attachment ring that sits on top of the dog's back or neck. Braces are placed on the legs, elastic T piece connects to the loop on the harness and you're set!

Every MuttKnee Brace is sewn by hand by our experienced production team, and our products are guaranteed. This means if your fit is not right, contact us and we will schedule a virtual call, get new measurements and make another brace free of charge. All we ask is that you send us the original brace back in the hopes we can use it for a dog at a shelter or foster.

Has your dog injured its other knee due to unequal distribution of weight? There's no need to panic! We also make a double knee brace to help dogs with two injured knees, or to support the one good knee while the other heals. 

What does this mean?  If your dog is overcompensating on one leg, the chances of the "good" leg ending up with the same injury in the patella are high. We recommend supporting that "good" leg while the other heals. We often make two braces for pups with an injury where only one leg is injured, just to make sure we can prevent that injury. Give us a call today for more information!