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Custom-Made Dog Braces

Order your MuttKnee Brace today, and help your dog recover faster. Each MuttKnee Brace is sewn by hand using seven measurements to ensure that it fits your dog perfectly. Once you receive your dog knee brace, you can adjust it in five different spots to provide comfort and support without constraining movement any more than necessary. Your dog will still be able to get up, lie down, and walk on all four legs without pain. Veterinarians all over the country now recommend our MuttKnee Brace as a viable alternative to surgery.

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Help your dog heal after a knee injury by ordering the MuttKnee Brace. This comfortable, neoprene knee brace is designed to stabilize the damaged knee to reduce pain and ensure a faster recovery. It's perfect for dogs with torn or ripped cruciate ligaments (ACLs), and it also works for a variety of other canine knee injuries such as luxating patella. Our goal is to help dogs—one knee at a time. For each MuttKnee Brace purchased, $5 is donated to local and national animal rescue organizations.

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