The Retrofit MuttKnee Brace is made for the pup who previously ordered the Single MuttKnee Brace. It features adjustable straps for a secure and customized fit, allow you to connect the new brace to your current strapping system. Time to get your furry friend moving around with ease while receiving the necessary support. Whether your dog is recovering from surgery or simply needs extra support during physical activities, the Retrofit MuttKnee Brace is the perfect solution to help them regain mobility, live a happy, active life and get around on all fours!

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**RUSH ORDER: This option is to receive your order within 7 business days. Must include UPS 2nd Day Air. Domestic orders only.

If you are ordering internationally and would like your order rushed, please contact us to discuss shipment options.


**Once you select the brace you will be directed to fill out a custom form with all of your pups measurements needed for the brace.

**We offer virtual calls for help needed with measuring as well as follow up fitting calls to ensure all adjustments are made and aid in the initial adjustments when placing on the brace. Please email us at; or ring us at; 970-295-4381 for assistance and scheduling.